Mediation vs. Litigation: The Crossroads of Conflict Resolution

Life, with its myriad of challenges, often leads us to a crossroads where decisions loom large. In the legal sphere, one such pivotal decision is the choice between mediation and litigation. For individuals at any age, especially those navigating the prime of their lives, this decision is more than just a choice—it's a step toward the future. While Empower Law Group continually strives to guide clients from Read More

Navigating the Intricacies of Property Division in California Divorces

When two people get married, they take deliberate steps to intertwine their lives, which involves the mingling of assets. Conversely, they may ultimately decide to untangle them through a divorce, which creates a significant question for many people: How will my property get divided? At Empower Law Group, we appreciate and understand that property division is more than just the allocation of material assets; it’s Read More

Specialized Visitation Agreements In California

When parents separate or divorce, one of the most important elements of the process is their ability to maintain a strong relationship with their children. Regarding family law matters that involve children, the court has broad discretion to order visitation that aligns with the child’s best interest. Depending on the logistical complexity of your circumstances, there may be instances where a standard visitation Read More

What Are Non-Marital Contracts?

When discussing family law, many people immediately move toward the topic of divorce, believing it to be the centerpiece of what these attorneys do. Not only do individual lawyers have unique approaches to the divorce process, but they also offer key legal services that some people may overlook.  At Empower Law Group, we empathize with how delicate family matters are and offer various legal services to empower Read More

The Value & Control Of Mediation

People frequently compare divorce to processing a death for several reasons. Spouses have to mourn the loss of a relationship. You and your spouse built a life together, and during that, you likely created a road map for your future. Losing both leads to lifestyle changes and new routines. You may have to adjust to living alone while working through the components of a divorce, such as dividing your assets, figuring Read More

Vexatious Litigation Ruling in Family Law in California

In California, vexatious litigation is a term used to describe a legal action brought by a person for the primary purpose of harassing or causing unnecessary expense to the other party. Under California law, a person can be declared a vexatious litigant if they file five or more lawsuits that are found to be without merit or are frivolous. For example, a man named Lawrence Bittaker was convicted of heinous crimes. Read More

The Differences Between Contested & Uncontested Divorces

The ultimate difference between an uncontested and a contested divorce is who will make the final decisions regarding the details of your divorce. Can you, your spouse, and your attorneys reach mutually agreed-upon terms through deliberate negotiations, or will you need a judge to make a ruling for you? When you call a family law attorney for your initial consultation, one of the first things they will ask about is Read More

Pursuing Emergency Custody In California

Understanding emergency custody enables you to take action and protect your children. For example, let’s say you share children with a recovering addict or alcoholic. Even though your partner hasn’t relapsed and is committed to their sobriety, your relationship deteriorates, and the two of you decide to separate. While you are working through the challenge of dividing your assets, determining custody, and developing Read More

The Meaning Behind “Child’s Best Interest”

A divorce or separation can make you feel like your life is unraveling. Everything you built (and dreamed of creating) with your partner is called into question. One of the most unnerving elements is the thought of losing time with your children. Although the premise may be unrealistic or flawed, you may develop concerns about your spouse wanting full custody or preventing you from seeing your children as much as you Read More

Co-Parenting Is A New Relationship You Have To Work At

Divorcing as a parent means leaving one type of relationship and entering another. Never forget that when you are in the middle of the divorce process. You are fracturing an important relationship when you spend your energy fighting and trying to tear down your former spouse. Each time you want to give into a base temptation and argue or finger point, remember that co-parenting is for your children.  With that in Read More