Reasons To Embrace The Power Of Mediation

Think of a time when someone said something mean or antagonized you in some form. When people attack us verbally, our initial reaction isn’t one of acceptance. We don’t look at the people who insult us and then go out of our way to support them. Although that last statement is obvious, consider how many people go on the attack during a divorce. Many of them feel justified in doing so because they see the other person Read More

Developing A Parenting Plan In California

An overlooked component of becoming empowered is facing your challenges. Avoiding complex discussions around subjects such as child custody may feel good for a moment. Each time you dismiss it, it becomes more powerful and daunting. If you are a parent going through a divorce, you are likely concerned about what your relationship with your children will look like afterward. Will your kids have a new stepparent? How Read More

What To Do Now For A Divorce Later

The range of emotions you may experience during the divorce process is immense. One of the root causes of this is that your life no longer seems predictable. You and your former spouse had a vision for the future that no longer applies. When the foundation of your life erodes, you can end up feeling unstable and uncertain. We understand. The following is a list of people's most common questions and concerns. If you Read More

Obtaining Guardianship For a Minor in California

There are several reasons why people (even close relatives) would want to become a child’s legal guardian. For various reasons, sometimes a parent is unable to care for their child: mental health struggles, substance addiction, neglect or, in some cases, the parent passes away without a plan in place for the child. Regardless of the circumstances, a legal guardian is someone who steps forward to do what is best for Read More

The 4-Step Process For Your Divorce

Divorce is overwhelming. The future you had envisioned for yourself is being replaced with uncertainty and confusion. During this stressful time, you deserve to be surrounded by people who are compassionate, empathetic, and willing to support you. At Empower Law Group, we believe your attorney needs to be one of them. That is one of the primary reasons why we try to make the process simple and easy to comprehend. Read More

The Mindset Of A Great Co-Parent (With A Great Tip)

As someone who works with people going through the complexities of a divorce, it is essential for us to occasionally check in with our clients after the case has ended. We develop close relationships with them during some of the most challenging times in their lives, and it never feels right to sever that relationship completely.  Other times, clients come back to us for additional legal help after their divorce has Read More