What Are Non-Marital Contracts?

When discussing family law, many people immediately move toward the topic of divorce, believing it to be the centerpiece of what these attorneys do. Not only do individual lawyers have unique approaches to the divorce process, but they also offer key legal services that some people may overlook. 

At Empower Law Group, we empathize with how delicate family matters are and offer various legal services to empower people going through it. We want to be part of the solution, and our goal is to lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow for all our clients. With that in mind, we wanted to discuss some of the overlooked components of family law, namely non-marital and prenuptial agreements. By understanding both, you will better understand how we can protect your interests even outside of the divorce process. 

Non-Marital Agreements 

Not only are more people deciding to live together out of wedlock, but organizations such as the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank based out of Washington, D.C., say that more people accept it. Although other people’s views shouldn’t factor into your relationship decisions, it speaks to it becoming more commonplace. 

Non-marital agreements, also called cohabitation and domestic partnership agreements, give couples another way to establish a framework for their relationship outside marriage. Though their circumstances are unique, these agreements protect the rights of each person. For instance, they can cover property division, financial responsibilities, and healthcare decisions. Couples who want to live together before marriage and those who never intend to wed can utilize these agreements to prevent issues in the future. Should an unmarried couple decide to buy a home, they can live with a sense of security knowing how their assets and liabilities will get divided should the relationship end. 

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements fall into the same general category because they, too, help to navigate the potential for challenges in the future. When people marry, they bring together their assets, debts, and financial expectations. California is a community property state. Generally, anything that you and your spouse acquire during your marriage is owned equally. By using a prenuptial agreement, you and your future spouse can identify what assets you bring into the marriage. Though you will need to speak to your attorney in depth about this, it is possible to keep these assets separate from your marital ones. 

Many people have the assumption that prenuptial agreements are offensive. They’d rip it up if they were ever asked to sign one. However, they aren’t what you think they are. When couples sign prenuptial agreements, both of them have separate legal counsel. They are not one-sided. Abandon the idea that the monied spouse only uses them to ensure their assets are not taken when the marriage ends. 

Shift perspectives. These legal documents can allow couples to strengthen their relationships because they are taking the time to discuss their financial matters head-on. 

Become Empowered

Empower Law Group stands ready to assist with several issues related to family law. With our compassionate approach and intricate understanding of California family law, we will guide you through the complexities associated with non-marital and prenuptial agreements. These tools can give you peace of mind in knowing your interests are protected. To continue this conversation with an attorney, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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