Reasons To Embrace The Power Of Mediation

Think of a time when someone said something mean or antagonized you in some form. When people attack us verbally, our initial reaction isn’t one of acceptance. We don’t look at the people who insult us and then go out of our way to support them. Although that last statement is obvious, consider how many people go on the attack during a divorce. Many of them feel justified in doing so because they see the other person as the instigator. They are merely reacting to the negativity that their spouse initiated. 

Inherently, we accept that attacking someone else isn’t the best way to get what you want. Even if you managed to get the desired result to someone else’s detriment, this isn’t a feasible long-term solution for anyone. This is why the family law courts allow you to mediate your issues. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that will enable you and your spouse to communicate through a trained, third-party mediator. 

A Quicker Route to Resolution 

Any reputable attorney will quickly point out how costly litigation can be. In addition to how much money you will spend on legal services, you may be lengthening the time it takes to finalize your divorce. You aren’t moving forward during this time and must live with the emotional stress that litigation can bring into your life. Mediation is cost and time-effective.

Give Yourself More Control 

In most instances, a trained mediator will put you and your spouse in separate rooms. This limits the potential for confrontation and fighting. Furthermore, you and your spouse can also have legal counsel with you. Although mediation can last all day, the mediator will learn about what you and your spouse want. One person may be demanding full custody unjustifiably. If so, the mediator will likely explain to the person that this is an unlikely result, given the law and the facts surrounding your case. 

When the mediator comes into your room and explains what your former spouse is offering, you can turn it down, make adjustments, and continue with the negotiation. After the judge makes a ruling, you don’t have the freedom and ability to negotiate. 

Many couples choose to divorce after many years of poor communication. Suppose you and your spouse have lost the ability to speak with one another respectively, calmly and attentively. In that case, discussing your issues through a professional mediator can be an effective way to re-establish that. 

Find Resolution Peacefully

As a parent going through a divorce, you must accept that your former spouse will continue to be a part of your life. Instead of choosing to fight, take the time to build the foundation your co-parenting relationship needs. Empower Law Group offers mediation services for divorces, custody disputes, domestic violence interventions, and child support. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.    

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