The Value & Control Of Mediation

People frequently compare divorce to processing a death for several reasons. Spouses have to mourn the loss of a relationship. You and your spouse built a life together, and during that, you likely created a road map for your future. Losing both leads to lifestyle changes and new routines. You may have to adjust to living alone while working through the components of a divorce, such as dividing your assets, figuring out ways to be a good co-parent, and managing your finances.  

By looking at the name of our firm, you’ll get an idea of our motivations and intentions. Our role is to help you get through some of the above-mentioned issues. If you feel like your life is spiraling and you’re out of control, we would like to give you the option to reclaim some of it. Though some people may view mediation as a way of “giving in” instead of fighting for what is right, it is the opposite. It allows you to work toward a resolution that fits your family’s needs rather than allowing a judge to dictate the terms of your divorce. Litigation is a last resort, and there are several ways to prevent it from escalating to that point. We will explain why mediation is one of them.

Why Should I Consider Mediation?

Mediation is both voluntary and collaborative. You and your spouse require active participation to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution. Don’t think of it as giving up control by beginning to embrace how much power it gives back to you. Because we mentioned litigation previously, it is crucial to remember how much time and money it can take from you. In preparation for a trial, your attorney may spend a week or more only thinking and working on your case. Though it is wonderful to have that level of support, the cost of it will be significant. Even if you paid a flat rate, you will still be under a blanket of stress and anxiety leading to the trial. This is because one person is going to decide the outcome. Mediation is more cost-effective than a traditional litigated divorce. 

Mediation is more streamlined and will take less time than going through the courts. A contested divorce could take years to resolve. In contrast, mediation can be scheduled around your convenience, and many cases can be resolved in a single session, though it may last an entire workday. 

There is Nothing To Fear

These sessions will be confidential, and the result is non-binding. It will not carry over into your divorce case even if you walk away from the meditation session. During this time, you will spend time working with your spouse. When the divorce is concluded, you need to develop a co-parenting relationship. You can’t build a house on scorched earth, and switching to your co-parenting relationship will be challenging if you have been fighting with someone for months or years. Mediation is one way to reshape your dynamic. It is a form of reduced conflict where communication is enhanced. 

Empower Yourself Through Mediation 

Ironically, many marriages deteriorate because of poor communication, but that is something you need to repair to navigate the challenges associated with divorce and co-parenting. Empower Law Group always remembers that, and we avoid engaging in things that will make either more difficult for you. We want to be successful beyond your divorce. Contact our office to schedule a consultation if you are interested in our family law or mediation services. 

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